Tire Tank for Livestock Watering


October 17, 2016

Well, I have given myself another project. I first saw this idea in an old SWCS (Soil and Water Service)  bulletin. These old road grader tires make great water troughs for livestock. I was able to scrounge up two of them for my next projects. I will give step by step instructions along with photos so stay tuned.

This tire, will hold many gallons of water. The tire is almost six feet in diameter and two feet tall. The side wall will be removed on the top side to allow better access for the livestock. This one pictured will be used in my permanent horse pasture. They are tough on things. I think this will be almost indestructible.

The tire is placed on packed gravel, just as in the photo above. Dry “sacrete” ready mix concrete is tamped into the space where the rim would go on the bottom side. The dry concrete is packed under the bead area and brought up to the level of the bead just off the ground about 5 inches. Once the cement has been packed/tamped in place, water is put into the tire to a depth of a few inches above the dry mix, Let the water stand for three days, then fill and use the tank.

I was able to secure two tires and will be putting them in service as soon as next year’s wood is all in and this year’s corn has been picked. I have a full plate, but am looking forward to trying this simple, effective idea.


These are my two tires in the back of my 8 by 14 foot trailer. I’m thinking the skidsteer will be a great help in moving them around. They are very heavy. I am not the first to do this and the internet has plenty of information. I will offer as much detail as I can, including how well they work in our cold snowy winters.

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