Autumn is in the Air
October 20, 2016, 9:20 pm
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October 20,2016

This evening while doing chores, I had to wear a jacket. The rain was a fine mist, almost snow like. It was just windy enough to be cold. I pulled my jacket closed against the wind and looked at the sights around me. The woods was beautiful tonight. The slick colorful leaves shimmered in the fading light, as I stepped into the horse barn. The warmth and light made me smile. Autumn is in the air for sure, but peace filled my heart.

The horses spent this cold rainy day indoors. I had planned to give them haircuts after supper, but my plans changed. I busied myself with all sorts of rainy day projects until the day was gone. Doing chores at dark, I realized just how much beauty surrounds us here on the farm. I almost forgot to notice. I stood in the mist for a minute or two longer than I needed to, just to savor the beauty laid out before me…it was breathtaking.

The last of the year’s jobs are almost complete. I need to pick the animal corn and split a few loads of firewood. The speltz are coming up. The field is turning green against a colorful backdrop. I have a few pieces of machinery to clean and put away for the season. As my farm year winds down, I feel very good about what I have accomplished so far. The autumn leaves are almost like fireworks signalling the end of something great…but not the end, just a pause to rest.





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