Downtime is Actually UP Time!



September 26, 2019

This week, my wife and I traveled to nearby New York state. We met some friends there and had a great visit. They took us to Letchworth State Park. We had a picnic, walked some trails and visited the nature center. The park is a beautiful, clean place. It was recently voted the “Top State Park” in the nation.

The views are stunning. I can only imagine what it will look like in a few weeks, draped in its autumn splendor. There are three waterfalls in the park, ample parking and quaint picnic spots throughout the park. We went to a museum that explained the life of Mr Letchworth, who donated his property to create the almost 14,500 acre haven.

So, Connie and I, spent a little downtime enjoying nature, history and each other, along with friends, Paul and Margie. We had been going non-stop for the last few weeks due to garden and farm chores and jobs. It felt good to decompress and just relax. The fact that we got to do it in such a beautiful place was wonderful.

The park is rich with history. The First New York Dragoons regiment, assembled and trained here during the civil war era. Their service was well documented, over 400 men were killed in action in battles during that war. A monument stands in remembrance of those men. Detailed diary entries are kept on display in the park’s museum, a touching tribute to the men who lived and died.

I paused at the overlook pictured above, to give thanks for the gifts that we have been given and to say thank you to a man I had never met, Mr. Letchworth, who thought this place was special enough to preserve and protect it for generations…and to share it with everyone.

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