Not Tired


February 19, 2020

As we wait for winter to turn to maple season, we fill our days doing fun stuff. Our Percheron Abby, out for a nice drive on a cold day last Monday.



She works single, double and on either side. I like to keep her fit. This is a good way to do it.


The tire makes just enough resistance to give her something to pull. She lugs it easily. She is a good mare who will also be missed as we transition to the Suffolk Punch breed. I am proud of Abby. She moved here as a youngster. She learned well and became an important part of our farm’s power. She completes a great trio. She just turned six years old.

We drive on the driveways, because mud abounds in the fields. She doesn’t care and even when we have worked for part of a day. She’s not tired…LOL.

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Just found out that you were in our neighborhood, recently. We enjoy your farm posts on this venue. And your fence posts on 307.

Comment by Rick Ward

LOL I like your wit…but you’ll have to tell me more about your neighborhood…

Comment by ricelandmeadows

We live on Pont Road very near the intersection of East Spring Road. Spring Township, PA. I heard last night that we have a new pony in the ‘hood.

Comment by Rick Ward

My son sold one to some folks over that way. I had sort of forgotten about it.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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