New Phone Learning Curve
March 10, 2020, 11:57 am
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March 10, 2020

Oh my gosh! I had to get a new phone. Then I had to unlearn and relearn everything that I thought I knew. The long story made much shorter is to say that I couldn’t figure out how to send photos to my blog! I hate to “date” myself, but sometimes I feel very old! My daughter-in-law helped me learn all sorts of things about my new phone. So, I’m Back!

Abby and Amee, our new Suffolk horses are doing very well. We are all adjusting to each other. They are doing very well, but haven’t done much all winter. Abby is due to foal in April, so they are getting the 2020 maple syrup season off. Knight and Hoss are powering the operation one last time. They head to their new home in a few days.


The season is in full swing. We have made some very nice syrup. It is looking like the end is near for this year. These last few days have been very long as we boil late and get up early balancing farm chores and the maple operation. It is a busy, wonderful, sweet time of year…even with that new phone!

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I am looking (more than ever) forward to meeting you and your new team. The last couple days are bringing outside work and play from under shelter from the weather and into the sunshine.

Comment by Rick Ward

Please use Instagram now that you have a new phone!! It is a much easier format to use & you will connect with many other homesteaders like yourself across the country. & spread the word about your farm! It is a great tool!
I’m so happy you found homes for Knight & Hoss & you will be able to keep tabs on them. I see too many draft horses dumped in kill pens each day & it is so heartbreaking. & shipped live to Japan to be eaten as sushi!!

Comment by Jacklyn Krysa

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